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Eventually, all cars will need new tires. The lifespan of tires depends on how much you drive, the weather conditions you drive in, and the temperature where you drive.

In ideal conditions and regardless of tread wear, vehicle manufacturers and tire manufacturers disagree on how often you need to replace your tires. Vehicle manufacturers tend to recommend every 6 years, while tire manufacturers say you can wait until the 10-year mark. We recommend you err on the side of caution because your car’s tires do not spend most of their time in ideal conditions.

Since your tires will rarely last 10 years, you should know how to recognize tread wear and the signs that your tires are ready to be swapped out for a new set. If you don’t have a tread-depth gauge, you can use a penny to get an idea of how much tread is left. To correctly do the penny test, all you need to do is put a penny between the tread block with Lincoln’s head upside down. When Lincoln’s head is partially covered, you have more than 2/32 of an inch remaining. When there’s 2/32 of an inch or less remaining, it’s time to take your car to New Bedford Auto Repair for new tires.

The penny test is helpful, but you shouldn’t rely on it as the only sign your tires could cause trouble. Cracks on the sidewall, a treadwear pattern, bulges, and too much vibration are also signs your tires need to be replaced.

Now that you know when to replace your tires and how to test them for signs of age, we’d like to stress the importance of proactively changing your tires. The first is that cars with worn out tires are more likely to get into an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that tire-related crashes were 26 percent more likely when a tires tread was 2/32 of an inch or less. These tire related accidents are caused by worn tires slipping in winter weather, hydroplaning more severely than newer tires, and needing more space to come to a complete stop in the rain.

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