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The terms “shocks” and “struts” are often used interchangeably because they do the same basic job. Both parts are responsible for counteracting the motion of the spring. However, they are two very different suspension systems and the physical parts are not interchangeable. A car will either have a shock or a strut on each wheel.

Shocks, which is short for shock absorbers, sit next to the springs. They do not hold the weight of your vehicle and are not a major structural part of the suspension system.

Struts consist of a coil spring, strut housing, and a damping unit. The coil spring supports the vehicle’s weight. Strut housing provides structural support. A damping unit inside the strut housing controls how the vehicle rides and keeps tires to the pavement.

While your technician will be able to visually inspect your shocks or struts to determine whether you need new ones, you can also “test” the shocks or struts on your own if you suspect something is wrong.

At home, you would perform the “bounce test.” For the bounce test, all you need to do is push down on a corner of your car. If it bounces more than twice, it is time to get your shocks/struts checked out. You’ll also notice the car is more susceptible to “bouncing” when going over speed bumps, turning, or after hitting a pot hole. Not replacing your shocks/struts when necessary can be dangerous. The weight of the car isn’t distributed correctly on the tires which results in your vehicle “bottoming out” and potentially losing control.

Many car owners don’t know which part their car uses, so it’s not uncommon for them to ask for shocks when their vehicle has struts and vice versa. At New Bedford Auto Repair, we’ll happily change the proper part and educate you about which part your vehicle needs.


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