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Almost all brake components are made to be replaced during the lifespan of the vehicle. Some parts need to be replaced more often than others. Brake pads are the most likely part to need replacing. While some people may recommend a brake pad replacement after 30,000 miles, the truth is that may not be accurate.

Not all drivers drive on the same terrain and every driver has their own driving style, so your car may require a brake change sooner. Drivers who depress their brakes more often than average will wear down the brake pads sooner. Another cause of brake pads quickly wearing away is urban driving because city driving requires frequent stopping.

While brake pads are most likely to need changing, no part of the braking system is made to last forever. A car’s brake system consists of the brake pad, rotors, and calipers. The rotors are metallic discs found behind a car’s front two wheels and below the calipers, which are similar to clamps. When engaged, the calipers squeeze the rotors, using the brake pads to make contact. This squeezing produces the friction that slows down the wheels until they come to a complete stop. It is also what causes brake pads to wear down. Every time your car’s brakes are engaged; your brake pads are worn down slightly causing, the protective coating on your brake paid to wear away and the pad to become progressively thinner.

Because gradual wear is a natural part of a brake pad’s life, there are a few signs that you should look for, so that your car’s brake pads don’t become dangerously worn. The first one is a squealing or screeching noise. This occurs when the brake pads are nearing the end of their lifespan. If you start to hear a grinding noise, it is time to replace the brake pads immediately. If you hear a clicking noise, it may mean that your brake pads are loose. Be mindful of the responsiveness of the brakes. If they are becoming less responsive, this can place you and your passengers in an unnecessarily dangerous situation. Have your brakes checked immediately if that is the case.

If anything seems off about your braking system, call New Bedford Auto Repair immediately.


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