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When we talk about a tire or wheel alignment, we’re referring to an adjustment of a vehicle’s steering and suspension system, which is what connects the body of the vehicle to its wheels. An adjustment makes sure that the angles of the tires are correct and that the tires make contact with the road properly.

To make sure that your vehicle is properly aligned, bring it into New Bedford Auto Repair for a checkup. You’ll want an experienced technician to take a look at the alignment approximately every 6,000 miles. That doesn’t mean every time a technician looks at the alignment it will need to be adjusted. Checking the alignment before problems occur will save you from a headache in the future.

Because potholes and other road hazards can affect alignment, it’s entirely possible that something happened to the alignment after your technician last checked it. Signs that you need to bring your vehicle in for an alignment are:

  • The steering wheel is off center
  • The vehicle pulls in one direction
  • Abnormal tire wear
  • The handling feels loose
  • When you turn the steering wheel, it doesn’t naturally return to the center

If you’re unsure about something being off, driving on a flat, straight road will give you a better feeling for the symptoms of the misalignment your vehicle is experiencing.

During an alignment, your technician checks for three factors: camber, toe, and caster. The camber refers to the inward or outward angle of a tire when viewed from the front. Toe refers to a set of tires that has all tires pointing inward or outward. The last one, caster, is the angle the steering access is on. If any of these factors are off, your technician will align them back into their proper position.

Is it time for an alignment? Contact New Bedford Auto Repair and we’ll be happy to make sure everything is in the correct position.


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